T3. Th10 3rd, 2023

37 tuổi siêu sao tiết lộ về việc Naomi rời WWE, tiết lộ sự hỗn loạn chính trường đằng sau

Naomi, also known as Trinity, is currently signed with Impact Wrestling after leaving WWE in May last year. Alongside her tag team partner at the time, Sasha Banks, they brought a fresh and creative approach that impressed fans and led to unprecedented results. Despite their controversial departure, Naomi’s husband Jimmy Uso has shed light on the situation, revealing that Naomi is enjoying her time at Impact Wrestling. In a recent interview, Jimmy and Naomi discussed the challenges they faced as a couple working in different promotions. While their journey may have taken different paths, they remain united and supportive of each other. Despite the ups and downs, Naomi and Sasha Banks left WWE as Tag Team Champions and promised to defend their titles across different cities. However, they faced creative struggles and unnecessary controversies, leading them to make a bold decision. In May, they left a note on John Laurinaitis’ desk and walked out of the building, ultimately parting ways with the company for good. In other news, former WWE Superstars believe that Becky Lynch’s absence has affected her connection with the fans and damaged her on-screen character. Additionally, a WWE Hall of Famer has threatened to sue Vince McMahon if he doesn’t leave the building after being mocked on live television.

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