T3. Th10 3rd, 2023

Aric Almirola lo lắng và hồi hộp với sự xuất hiện đầu tiên của NASCAR tại Chicago.

Aric Almirola, driver of the number 10 Stewart Haas Racing Ford Mustang, is feeling nervous and excited about the upcoming Chicago Street Course race this Sunday. This will be one of the most important challenges in the history of NASCAR as it is the opening event of the premier racing series. With only former veteran AJ Allmendinger and part-time driver Shane van Gisbergen having significant experience in this race, they have a slight advantage on the 12-lap street circuit, where no driver has ever raced before in a heavy 3600-pound vintage car. Almirola, while talking about his debut street race, expressed his enthusiasm for the whole experience. He also shared his confidence that it will be a great experience for the fans as both an event and a race. “I’ve been very excited, nervous, and anxious, all of that. I’m excited to do something that we’ve never done before, but there’s always the unknown and not knowing what’s going to happen. It will be a great event for the fans,” said Aric Almirola. “There’s a lot to do throughout the race, and it will be exciting for them not only during the race but also before and after the race. As a racer, I can’t wait to say that I’ve raced on the streets of Chicago,” added Almirola. When discussing his approach to the race, the seasoned driver emphasized the need to be aggressive throughout. It is expected to be a strategic race, and to maximize their results, actively attacking the corners is crucial. Doing so on a repaved track is also a challenge. “I think Chicago is definitely a track that you have to be very aggressive on. The surface will be very interesting where they’ve repaved it or where it hasn’t been repaved. What we’ve learned so far in the sim is that we think it has pretty low grip and it’s pretty rough with a lot of tight corners and blind corners,” said Almirola. He also reminded that while being aggressive is the way forward in the race, it has to be done flawlessly as a small mistake can put the car in the wall and the driver in the center of attention. Therefore, the driver must find the ideal balance between aggression and cautious driving to move ahead.

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