T3. Th10 3rd, 2023

Bayley và Iyo Sky đi quá xa khi cắt tóc ngôi sao 31 tuổi, gợi ý về sự thay đổi nhân vật trên WWE SmackDown.

Iyo Sky, Shotzi, and Bayley (through WWE) are set to take center stage in the upcoming edition of SmackDown for Money in the Bank, which will be broadcast live from The O2 Arena in London. As the hype for the Saturday event intensifies, the CTRL Damage faction grows increasingly ruthless, targeting Shotzi backstage. The 31-year-old athlete is furious after a devastating loss to Bayley and continues to attack him. However, it backfires on him as he gets pummeled by Sky and Bayley, with the latter even getting her hair cut as a punishment. Last week’s SmackDown episode scheduled a match between Bayley and Shotzi. There was a peculiar stipulation in favor of Shotzi, as a win would replace Bayley with her in the Money in the Bank ladder match. Following this announcement, fans were eagerly awaiting the final structure of the ladder match, with either Bayley or Shotzi securing the spot. However, due to Vince McMahon, the match was changed and took place this week on SmackDown. The match between Bayley and Shotzi begins with the crowd cheering for the former. The CTRL Damage leader emerges victorious with some help from Iyo Sky. Disappointed by the constant interference and losses at the hands of CTRL Damage, Shotzi retreats backstage to take out both of them. Bayley and Iyo celebrate their secure positions in the ladder match. That’s when Shotzi approaches them and fights them, attacking them. While Shotzi’s anger is justified in taking them on backstage, CTRL Damage retaliates by attacking him and placing him on a table. Sky then grabs Shotzi, who appears to be in pain after being slammed onto the table. Bayley then asks her, “You want to mess with CTRL Damage?” and proceeds to cut off a portion of her beloved green hair. The former SmackDown Women’s champion walks away with the hair, leaving Shotzi helpless on the table. Bayley sends a message before her match at Money in the Bank Bayley and Money in the Bank (through WWE)The Money in the Bank event is upon us, with the spectacle in London just hours away. The family edition of SmackDown hosted by the same O2 Arena will hold the Money in the Bank event on Saturday. And in a surprising turn of events, Bayley’s match with Shotzi was canceled last week and took place this week on SmackDown. With a brief interruption by her loyal friend, Iyo Sky, Bayley emerged victorious. Her win secured her position in the Money in the Bank ladder match. Following this, Shotzi’s explosive nature erupted due to its unsettling disappearance. As a result, she attacked Bayley and Sky backstage but instead, she got her hair cut by the former SmackDown Women’s champion. Good night everyone! See you at #MITB tomorrow night! pic.twitter.com/xdxtnR2oIz— Bayley (@itsBayleyWWE) July 1, 2023Bayley took to Instagram to reach out to her fans, posting a picture of herself with Shotzi’s cut hair. She is seen sleeping on the floor, smiling as she holds Shotzi’s cut green hair closer to her face. She wishes the fans a good night and writes about meeting them again tomorrow at Money in the Bank. In case you missed it: Rhea Ripley reveals WWE 28-year-old girlfriend and apologizes for breaking up with Cathy Kelley 37-year-old superstar hints at chaos backstage with Naomi in WWE.

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