CN. Th10 1st, 2023

““Bé bị say tàu” – Tiềm năng của UFC chia sẻ video người phụ nữ cố gắng thực hiện đòn đá mạo hiểm với bụng mang thai”

Terrence McKinney, a young UFC fighter, has garnered attention for his explosive fighting style. After recent success, McKinney has built a fan base in the MMA world. His active presence on social media has garnered significant interest from fans. His latest tweet has caused a frenzy on Twitter. Just a week after his main event win at LFA 109, McKinney made his professional debut at UFC 263, replacing Cedara Frank Camacho. This is when Terence McKinney caught the attention of mainstream MMA media. He won his fight against Matt Frevola via first-round knockout in just 7 seconds. This set a record for the fastest finish and fastest knockout in the UFC lightweight division. McKinney posted a video on Twitter that left fans in awe. The video showed a pregnant woman showcasing her fighting skills. The woman seemed to be in complete control despite the difficulty and near-impossibility for most pregnant women. McKinney tweeted, “Impressive ngl.” 🤣 🤣 Impressive ngl Terrance McKinney (@trecks155) June 29, 2023The well-being of the unborn baby is something that concerns everyone. It can be said that pregnant women in this stage should not engage in activities like MMA, as advised by doctors or healthcare professionals. Fans were worried after watching Terrence McKinney’s latest tweet. Terrence McKinney (image credit: recent viral video on Twitter showed a pregnant woman fully training in some MMA techniques. Fans and Terrence McKinney have a lot to say about social media platforms. Most consumers seem to care about the health and safety of their soon-to-be-born baby. One user tweeted, “The baby must be dizzy.” Check out some other reactions from fans: The baby must be dizzy 😭💀– Tuco Salamanca (@CubanTuco) June 29, 2023 The baby wants to fight outside.- Vincent (@VincenzoPala) June 29, 2023 I think that’s Markos’ widow lmao second— MacMally 🍀 (@MacMallyMMA) June 29, 2023 I know you should exercise while pregnant but intuition says that’s too much— señor_bones (@tyrone3pt) June 29, 2023 The baby is growing up to be the next Michel Pereira- Skoo (@SkoooSkee) June 29, 2023 The baby McLovin 🤼 (@myMcLovin) June 29, 2023 WARNING FOR FUTURE PARENTSThis will lead to a black belt for your baby on the way out.- Strange Detective Jeff (@ReconStrange) June 29, 2023 Now that’s not good for the baby.- Slip Jab Podcast ® (@slipthejabpod) June 29, 2023The concerns of the public are entirely valid. Hopefully, the woman in the video knows what she’s doing and can ensure the safety and security of the child. Putting a baby’s life at risk for a viral video is still a dangerous task. In case you missed it: “If you act like a thug, we’ll be a thug,” Joe Rogan shocked as Ice Cube reveals heartbreaking story of police brutality at the age of 9 “Ukraine could invite Jean Claude Van Damme” – Twitter divided as news outlets report veteran martial artist Steven Seagal as Putin’s next defense minister

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