T3. Th10 3rd, 2023

Billie Jean King khuyên Emma Raducanu nên kiên cường sau những phát biểu của tay vợt Anh gọi Tour là ‘đánh đấm’.

Emma Raducanu, the rising tennis star, recently faced criticism from tennis legend Billie Jean King for her statement that the WTA Tour is ‘brutal.’ Raducanu has been through a tough period and has struggled with various injuries, forcing her to withdraw from Wimbledon this year. Her recent experiences have shed light on the physical and mental struggles she has endured over the past year and a half. Other WTA players, like Coco Gauff, have expressed empathy towards Raducanu after her candid interview. However, Billie Jean King, a pioneer for gender equality in tennis, was less forgiving in her response to Raducanu’s statement that the WTA Tour is ‘completely brutal.’ The 79-year-old tennis legend, former world number one player, and winner of 39 incredible Grand Slam titles, addressed Raducanu’s comments about the WTA Tour. He emphasized that becoming a professional athlete is incredibly challenging, and players should seek help if needed. Despite acknowledging that the WTA Tour can be challenging at times, Billie Jean King, who has witnessed many battles in her tennis career, advises Emma Raducanu to toughen up. “Becoming a professional athlete is very difficult. What do they expect? It will be tough, but you chose to become a professional athlete. Along with that come certain things you need to look at. It’s competitive. You need to ask for help if you need it. We [athletes] used to be hardened on the outside, tough. No. On the court, yes, but off the court, you need help. Ask for what you want and need,” said King, speaking specifically with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. Although Emma Raducanu achieved incredible success by winning the US Open qualifying in 2021, things haven’t been as bright for the young British athlete since then. Constant changes in her coaching team and injuries have had serious consequences, and she has dropped out of the Top 100 in the WTA rankings. Jean King is a legend in the world of tennis, and her words carry a lot of weight. She is right in saying that becoming a professional athlete is not easy and requires a strong mindset for success. Emma Raducanu is still young and learning how to cope with the demands of professional tennis, having experienced Grand Slam success at a young age. Ultimately, it is up to Emma Raducanu to decide how she wants to deal with the pressures of professional tennis. However, she can take solace in knowing that she is not alone and that there are many people ready to support her.

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