T7. Th9 23rd, 2023

“Cha mẹ của Marta Kostyuk là ai? Oleg Kostyuk và Talina Beiko?”

Marta Kostyuk, a professional tennis player from Ukraine, has made waves in the tennis world with her talent and unwavering support for Ukraine. Her mother, Talina Beiko, herself a former professional tennis player, has had an impressive tennis career, reaching a highest singles ranking of 391 in the world by WTA. Although her father, Oleg Kostyuk, is not a former professional tennis player, he plays an important role in Marta’s tennis journey. Marta grew up in a tennis-centered ecosystem, with both her parents providing a solid foundation for her career. Her commitment and dedication, along with the support of her parents, have helped Marta emerge as one of Ukraine’s most promising young tennis talents.

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