CN. Th10 1st, 2023

“’Chỉ là một Durant khác thôi’ – CĐV NBA CHÊ TRÁCH Damian Lillard vì thông điệp ‘không biết xấu hổ’ trong lời đồn chuyển nhượng”

Damian Lillard, one of the most talented guards in the NBA, has made the difficult decision to request a trade after over a decade with the Portland Trail Blazers. Despite his loyalty to the franchise, Lillard believes it is time for a change in order to compete for championships. The disappointment in the Blazers’ recent draft pick, Scoot Henderson, has led Lillard to question the team’s commitment to immediate success. As a result, he wants to explore opportunities elsewhere that may allow him to compete for titles right away. However, this decision has divided NBA fans, with some turning their backs on Lillard. Despite the backlash, Lillard took to Twitter to defend himself and understand his fans’ perspectives. The reaction from fans showcases the mixed emotions surrounding Lillard’s trade request, highlighting the complexity of the situation. Although the lack of a no-trade clause significantly impacts Lillard’s leverage in negotiations, the Trail Blazers still have the power to make a significant trade package. This puts Portland in a position of power, but it does not diminish the disappointment felt by fans at the prospect of losing their beloved superstar.

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