T3. Th10 3rd, 2023

Dale Earnhardt Jr. gây bất ngờ cho Carl Edwards khi tiết lộ cách Kyle Busch trở thành “babyface” của NASCAR.

Kyle Busch, a two-time NASCAR Cup Series champion, is considered one of the greatest drivers in the history of the sport. However, his on-track success has often been overshadowed by negative perceptions from fans, based on his antics both on and off the track. In recent years, Busch has worked hard to change his image, showing more maturity and better PR skills. This change has been recognized by fellow driver Carl Edwards, who was surprised to see Busch welcomed by fans during a recent race. Dale Earnhardt Jr. has also praised Busch’s efforts to improve his public perception, highlighting his role as a devoted father and family man.

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