T5. Th10 5th, 2023

““Đừng bao giờ hẹn hò với các cô gái cùng ngành nghề” – Người hâm mộ bất ngờ phản ứng khi bạn gái cũ của Brian Ortega, Tracy Cortez, xuất hiện cùng Paulo Costa”

Tracy Cortez, a flyweight in the UFC, has been making waves in his career as one of the most skilled fighters in his division. Not only is he known for his exceptional fighting abilities, but Cortez has also gained recognition for his extraordinary charm and his high-profile relationship with UFC featherweight Brian Ortega. However, Cortez surprised many fans recently when he was spotted posing with UFC middleweight fighter Paulo Costa. The UFC meme lord posted a picture of them together on his official Twitter account, captioning it “Happy mail.” Since Brian Ortega and Tracy Cortez ended their relationship earlier this year, people couldn’t help but mock the UFC featherweight fighter when they saw his ex-girlfriend hanging out with “Borrachinha.” In the comments of the post, they discussed their reactions to Costa’s tweet. Paulo Costa is one of the most fascinating fighters, both inside and outside the octagon. When he’s not fighting, Costa shares memes and entertains his audience. Over the years, the Brazilian athlete has gained a sizable fan base, and it seems they haven’t stopped teasing Brian Ortega about this situation. Paulo has made it work with his secret fruit juice. This is why you never date someone in the same field as you. What could happen? He drinks that special fruit juice 🥤🤣😂🤣😂. The MMA community dropped the girl like a hot potato, Ortega laughs. Many fans praised Paulo Costa for dating Cortez and used a secret joke repeatedly. Most users mocked Ortega with memes and humorous jokes.

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