T3. Th10 3rd, 2023

Giá trị tài sản của Tyler Herro năm 2023: Anh ấy có bao nhiêu tiền?

Tyler Herro, the beloved guard of the Miami Heat, has become an NBA hero after leading his team to the NBA Finals. Although his presence in the championship series is uncertain due to injury, Herro has already earned a substantial net worth through his NBA salary and player contracts. As of 2023, Herro’s estimated net worth is around $15 million. In addition to his NBA salary, Herro has also signed endorsement deals with Nike, Bose, Old Spice, New Era, and GLD. Herro’s car collection includes a Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG, a Mercedes-Maybach S680, and a Mercedes-Maybach GLS600. Despite his young career, Herro has already built an impressive fortune.

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