T3. Th10 3rd, 2023

Gilbert Arenas cảnh báo đội ngũ của Ja Morant sẽ cướp tài sản của ngôi sao Grizzlies

Ja Morant, the star guard of the Memphis Grizzlies, has once again found himself at the center of controversy in the NBA. This time, it’s not for criticizing any superstar or team in the league, but rather for his recent actions. Morant has been a controversial figure throughout the past season, from brandishing a gun on Instagram Live to visiting strip clubs and getting into altercations with police at a shopping mall. Now, he’s facing consequences for these actions, as he’s been warned and the league is cracking down.

In a recent podcast appearance, former NBA player Gilbert Arenas offered some advice for the young star. Arenas, who himself has been in hot water for bringing a gun into the locker room, emphasized the importance of surrounding oneself with like-minded people who will protect one’s brand. He also criticized Morant for not being smart enough and not taking advantage of his wealth and fame to further his education.

It’s clear that Morant needs to make some changes in his life if he wants to avoid being kicked out of the league and potentially ruining his career. As Arenas pointed out, having the right people around you can make all the difference. It remains to be seen if Morant will take this advice to heart and make the necessary changes, but one thing is for sure – he can’t afford any more controversies in the NBA.

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