T7. Th9 30th, 2023

Joe Rogan chính xác phân tích Justin Bieber vì nhận xét đạo đức giả của anh về Ronda Rousey sau khi thua trong UFC.

Ronda Rousey, the UFC fighter known for her dynamic presence and deadly combinations, has become a global icon in combat sports. She holds one of the most impressive unbeaten records in the history of the sport. Her journey has been one of constant challenges, from appearing on sports center billboards to reaching the pinnacle of the sport in 2016. However, there is one person she has always had a feud with – global icon Justin Bieber. After a disastrous comeback in 2016, Rousey lost her chance to return to UFC and was taunted by Bieber on Twitter. Although she didn’t respond, her fans were quick to criticize the singer. After leaving UFC in 2017, Rousey joined WWE and won the Women’s Tag Team title with her BFF Shayna Baszler. However, her reputation has taken a hit since then, and many speculate that her heart is not fully in her current role with WWE.

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