T5. Th10 5th, 2023

Kế hoạch của WWE cho cốt truyện Bloodline sau sự sụp đổ tại Night of Champions đã bị tiết lộ

The Bloodline storyline in WWE has taken the world by storm, with the latest twist being Jimmy Uso’s betrayal of Roman Reigns. The night of champions saw Jimmy Uso finally stand up to Reigns’ dominance, leading to a group match between the members of The Bloodline at Money in the Bank in London. This sets the stage for a match between Reigns and The Usos and Solo Sikoa at SummerSlam, with Reigns being free to defend his title. The Bloodline has been dominating WWE for years, and this latest chapter promises to be one of the most epic yet. Stay tuned to see how the drama unfolds on SmackDown and at Money in the Bank.

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