T7. Th9 23rd, 2023

Miami Heat rút khỏi thỏa thuận TIDL của Conor McGregor sau ’24 giờ đáng sợ’ tại NBA Finals.

Conor McGregor, the former UFC champion, may have lost a multimillion-dollar sponsorship deal due to his controversial behavior at the NBA finals with the Miami Heat. On June 9th, McGregor drew attention after a promotional stunt supporting TIDL pain relief spray went wrong. As part of a comedic skit, “The Notorious” aimed to punch the Heat mascot Bernie in the face. However, McGregor didn’t hold back and ended up hospitalizing the mascot with a punch. Things took a turn for the worse when an audience member accused McGregor of cursing at him and Miami Heat staff for supporting his actions. The investigation into the incident is ongoing, but both McGregor and the Miami Heat are not proud of themselves. Although McGregor was there for business purposes, things seem to have soured after the incident. A source from the Miami Heat spoke to pagesix.com about the sponsorship deal update, stating, “This is bad for a clean organization. I can’t imagine the Heat leadership wanting to have a Tidl Sports sticker on their jerseys – that’s a reminder of the 24 hours of hell that the organization went through.” The group has removed all footage of Conor McGregor on social media, and likewise, McGregor has remained silent since. McGregor recently revealed details about his upcoming Hollywood film debut alongside actor Jake Gyllenhaal. “Road House” is a remake of the 1989 film of the same name starring Patrick Swayze. In a recent Twitter post, McGregor shared a video of himself interacting with fans and signing a bottle of their No. Twelve Irish Whiskey. When asked about the film, McGregor said, “September or maybe the end of this year, the end of 2023 or early 2024. I’m busy. We’ve had a lot of positive reviews, so we’re very happy about that. Really happy with it… It’s love, it’s love.” Fans are eagerly awaiting McGregor’s return to MMA, but it seems that the fighter has yet to join the USADA testing pool. Hopefully, they will at least be able to see him on the big screen when the film is released.

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