T7. Th9 30th, 2023

““Mỗi người đều có giá” – Billie Jean King bị chỉ trích vì ủng hộ thỏa thuận tham lam của WTA với Ả Rập Saudi mặc cả vấn đề nhân quyền”

Billie Jean King has long been a beloved figure in the world of tennis. Known as the Queen of the Court, her brilliance on the tennis court made her a fan favorite. However, some recent comments from the tennis legend have sparked controversy on social media. King’s remarks about the collaboration between the WTA and Saudi Arabia have not been well-received by her fans, as accusations of hypocrisy and money-grabbing dominate the internet. The latest trend in the sports world is aligning with Saudi Arabia, as it brings in a lot of money and fame. Both football and cricket have followed suit, with several smaller tournaments being organized there. Tennis is also following a similar path, with both exhibition matches and top players like Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal being asked to participate. The plan now is to host more events out there and turn it into a hub in many ways. Billie Jean King, who fought for women’s rights, surprised her fans by supporting the collaboration between the WTA and Saudi Arabia. Many were taken aback by his agreement, as Saudi Arabia is known for disregarding women’s issues, which is seen as contradictory to Billie’s beliefs. At a Friday event commemorating the 50th anniversary of the WTA, King expressed support for the negotiations between the WTA and Saudi Arabia to host a tournament in the kingdom. He said, “I really believe in engagement. I don’t think you change unless you engage. I may go over there and talk to them. Sometimes when you’re in our position, you have to support that change.” Continuing his train of thought, he added, “How are we going to change anything if we don’t engage? It’s hard. I’m an optimist. I always think the best for everybody. We’ve got to keep trying.” Fans expressed disappointment in Billie Jean King’s comments. As predicted, Twitter quickly responded to Billie Jean King’s comments. Many believe he has forgotten everything he fought for to create the WTA just for the sake of money. Fans expressed shock that a legend would be willing to work with Saudi Arabia, which has a poor human rights record. Sharing many online reactions, here’s what fans had to say: “Everyone has a price.” “When money talks.” “💰💰💰” “Considering how women are treated in Saudi Arabia, I’m surprised to see Billie support the idea of the WTA going there.” “Throwing stones when women play tennis, lol.” “Talk about money, I hope he knows he won’t be welcome in SA.” “Do they need a woman in niqab or burqa for that?” “How ironic. Does BJK no longer respect women’s rights and LGBTQ+ rights?” “He’s completely wrong here.” “This is really disappointing. I guess they’ll go anywhere for money.” This collaboration is sure to generate a lot of mixed opinions in the coming weeks or months. As mentioned, it cannot be denied that this is a significant collaboration in the sports world and will make a big difference for most people involved. Currently, the focus will be on the upcoming Wimbledon, where the seamless integration of experience and youth will battle it out. Alongside that, it cannot be denied that most of the attention will be on Novak Djokovic. Can he lift the trophy for the fifth consecutive time? Only time will tell. In case you missed it: Wimbledon 2023: Predictions, Matchups, Previews, and Live Streaming Coco Guaff vs Sofia Kenin Preview and Predictions Wimbledon 2023: Novak Djokovic Aims for Historic Eighth Title as Nick Kyrgios, Carlos Alcaraz, and Others Seek First-Time Glory

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