T7. Th9 30th, 2023

“Người đoạt giải vô địch UFC trước đoán Tyson Fury sẽ bị ‘hút khói’ bởi Jon Jones trong đấu trường Octagon”

The idea of crossover, especially in combat sports, continues to be an intriguing topic. A fighter in the ring or an MMA fighter in the octagon will sell tickets. Due to the merging of two disciplines and the amount of fans, it is bound to grab attention. The current focus is on the potential clash between Tyson Fury’s fury and the UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones. Michael Bisping, former champion turned analyst, has expressed his excitement about a potential fight between Fury and Jones. Although Fury may be unbeatable in the ring, Jones will dominate him in any way possible outside of it. The debate has captured the attention of both fighters, with Fury even openly challenging Jones. The idea of Fury vs. Jones is attracting a lot of attention in the combat sports community.

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