T5. Th10 5th, 2023

“Russell Westbrook ký hợp đồng kéo dài gây sốc với Clippers – Twitter ngỡ ngàng vì việc Dillon Brooks không được trả lương cao hơn”

Russell Westbrook, the nine-time All-Star, has made headlines with his recent contract extension with the Los Angeles Clippers. The two-year, $8 million deal has raised eyebrows and sparked debate among fans and analysts. Westbrook, who was once one of the highest-paid players in the league, has taken a significant pay cut. Meanwhile, Dillon Brooks, who signed with the Houston Rockets, has secured a four-year, $80 million contract. The stark difference in salaries has left many disappointed. However, there are speculations as to why Westbrook decided to re-sign with the Clippers for a lower offer. Some believe it could be due to his loyalty to the team that gave him a chance after being traded by the Lakers and Jazz. Others speculate that he wants to chase a championship with contenders like Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Whatever the reason, Westbrook’s contract extension has left Twitter users surprised and skeptical.

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