T7. Th9 30th, 2023

Sai lầm lớn của một thành viên trong The Bloodline trên WWE SmackDown mà bạn có thể đã bỏ qua

Paul Heyman (through WWE) Bloodline Civil War is just hours away, and fans are on the edge of their seats. The London edition of SmackDown witnessed the final showdown between the two teams before their match. A bizarre incident occurred in this week’s Roman Reigns segment when Paul Heyman was found carrying the wrong championship belt. The WWE Championship title held by Heyman was actually customized for Brock Lesnar. The leader was given a new WWE Undisputed Championship title as a reward for his 1000 days of reign as the Universal Champion. However, Paul Heyman still carries the title given to him in this week’s SmackDown. This trend was followed even this week when Roman Reigns, Paul, and Solo Sikoa stepped into the ring to settle the blood-soaked Civil War situation. However, Paul Heyman accidentally brought back the WWE Championship belt, which originally belonged to his former client Brock Lesnar. The PW Chronicle’s Twitter handle caught the attention of fans. A post shared by a professional wrestling news operator showed two photos, one with Paul holding Brock’s championship belt and the other with Lesnar holding the championship. Not sure if anyone else noticed, but the WWE Championship belt that Paul Heyman holds has Brock Lesnar’s side plate. 😂 #SmackDown pic.twitter.com/4d9sWSzjyJ- PW Chronicle (@_PWChronicle) July 1, 2023 The segment begins with the Head of the Table showcasing his power to the crowd in London. He then calls out The Usos for giving them a second chance to play with him after their apology. The duo comes out, but not with the intention of acknowledging the Tribal Chief, but to take down Solo and Roman. The program cuts to a backstage brawl, with The Usos gaining the upper hand in the Bloodline Civil War. WWE teases Solo Sikoa’s future in The Bloodline Solo Sikoa and Roman Reigns (through WWE) The homecoming edition of SmackDown witnessed the start of the Bloodline Civil War in the main event of the show. When The Usos stepped into the ring to face Roman Reigns, they attempted to manipulate Solo Sikoa. As Jimmy and Jey spoke to Reigns, they expressed the desire for Solo Sikoa to become the new leader of the Tribe. Solo is the only member of The Bloodline currently aligned with Reigns and has his back. But a segment on SmackDown shows Sikoa looking into Roman’s eyes and extending his arms, hinting at a possible betrayal. The Tribal Chief laughs at the idea of Sikoa replacing him, but the Enforcer’s gaze leaves him silent. There have been rumors that Solo Sikoa will eventually turn on The Usos. In the future, fans may see Sikoa part ways with The Bloodline due to Roman’s actions. It will be intriguing to see how everything unfolds in the future. Just in case you missed it: Dwayne Johnson among others mourns the sudden death of former WWE Superstar, Darren Drozrov WATCH: Seth Rollins indulges in British and American cuisine and hilarious comparisons and rankings

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