CN. Th10 1st, 2023

Sami Zayn – Chương trình bốc thăm áo thun The Bloodline bị bỏ bê sau khi nhận một email ‘Ngừng và Cấm’

Sami Zayn, one of the most respected figures in professional wrestling, has recently collaborated with PW Tees to launch a grand prize draw. Sami’s exclusive merchandise, featuring the phrase “My Dawg” from his days in The Bloodline, has been priced and made available to fans. The proceeds from the sales will go towards the charitable fund ‘Sami for Syria’. However, before they could even leave the starting line, disaster struck. A Reddit user who had purchased a ticket for the draw revealed that the tickets were no longer valid. PW Tees sent an email apologizing for the inconvenience caused, stating that the draw had been cancelled due to a cease and desist order. At this time, no information has been provided as to why such a lawsuit was filed. Since 2017, Sami Zayn has been involved in numerous fundraising activities for the Syrian people affected by the crisis. The mentioned prize draw was also acknowledged by current AEW Superstar Kenny Omega. The debut t-shirt was said to feature the signatures of various WWE Superstars. However, with the current issue resolved, it is no longer of any use. Nevertheless, this is not the end of Sami Zayn’s fundraising efforts for the less fortunate. He has consistently contributed a significant portion of his WWE earnings to serve his people over the years. He will undoubtedly find a way to recreate it this time around. Sami Zayn has truly changed the narrative of The Bloodline storyline. The Bloodline had a full force presence at Survivor Series: WarGames. Hailed as one of WWE’s best storylines in decades, The Bloodline storyline continues to disappoint fans. Currently, the stable has been fractured with The Usos separating from Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa. They are set to battle in a Father vs Son conflict over Money in the Bank this Saturday. However, achieving this was no walk in the park. The Bloodline began to crack when Sami Zayn’s influence within the group started affecting Roman Reigns. His egotistical tactics later led to their ultimate downfall. In fact, after being ousted from their faction, Zayn enlightened The Usos enough to make them choose what’s best for themselves. Ultimately, Jimmy & Jey finally discovered the manipulative mindset of Reigns. Undoubtedly, Sami Zayn’s involvement with The Bloodline has helped them grow exponentially. Furthermore, it has greatly benefitted Zayn himself. He has emerged as a hot babyface in the storyline. He is currently at the peak of his WWE career as one-half of the undeniable tag team champions with Kevin Owens. In case you missed it: WATCH: Baron Corbin returns with Lone Wolf gimmick at NXT Gold Rush, bringing back his iconic theme song for the first time in years. When Dave Bautista revealed that 20-30 women were throwing themselves at him and how it affected his marriage.

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