T5. Th10 5th, 2023

Sau trận thua đau đớn trước The Usos tại Money in the Bank, Solo Sikoa gửi đi một thông điệp bí ẩn

Solo Sikoa and The Usos recently engaged in a bloodline feud at Money in the Bank, with The Usos emerging victorious in a Roman Reigns vs. Jey Uso singles match. Following the loss, Solo remained quiet for a while but has now surprised fans with his reaction on Twitter. Despite being a man of few words, Solo’s reaction has led him to share two images of their clash in a tweet. This was followed by a cryptic message written on another tweet. Solo’s peculiar tweet only had three ellipses, hinting at an upcoming chapter of The Bloodline. Enforcer’s other tweets included two images of The Usos and the Roman/Solo confrontation from Money in the Bank. It can be inferred that Solo’s silent message is a hint for the next part of their storyline. While many believed this to be the end of The Bloodline, Solo’s enigmatic tweet has brought hope to the fans.

Fans are familiar with Solo’s cryptic tweets and were eagerly anticipating his reaction after the loss at Money In The Bank. Sikoa’s chances of winning the Usos’ battle were overshadowed as he landed face-first on the ground in an unsuccessful leap onto Jey Uso. Taking advantage, Jimmy and Jey delivered a superkick to Roman Reigns in the ring, followed by a powerbomb. Jey Uso then pinned the Tribal Chief to secure a historic victory.

The answer to The Bloodline’s next move will be revealed in the upcoming episode of SmackDown. The special episode, broadcasted live from Madison Square Garden, will feature Roman Reigns. With his defeat in the bloodline feud, his presence will shed light on the future of the bloodline. Speculations suggest that Reigns will defend his WWE Universal Undisputed Championship against Jey Uso at SummerSlam.

WWE’s live event in Cardiff marked Solo Sikoa’s first appearance since his loss in the Solo Point feud on WWE Live. In the event, Sikoa defeated Santos Escobar in a singles match in front of a packed crowd at the International Arena in Cardiff, Wales. The Usos also made their presence felt in a fatal four-way tag team match. The Bloodline Civil War saw the most anticipated but shocking conclusion as Jey Uso pinned Roman Reigns. Despite Reigns having the support of Solo Sikoa, The Usos found a way to eliminate him from the match. In a stunning turn of events, Jimmy and Jey took down Reigns with a series of superkicks and emerged victorious.

The upcoming special episode of SmackDown will pave the way for The Bloodline storyline. The Clan Leader is advertised for a broadcast at Madison Square Garden on July 7th. He will address the ongoing situation of The Bloodline. In case you missed it: Damian Priest explains his actions at Money in the Bank, leading to Finn Balor winning the World Heavyweight Championship. Logan Paul reveals a gruesome scar from his encounter with Ricochet at Money in the Bank.

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