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““Tôi không sợ đủ,” Georges St-Pierre thừa nhận tự tin quá mức và đánh giá thấp dẫn đến thất bại trước Matt Serra”

Georges St-Pierre (GSP) is widely regarded as one of the greatest fighters in MMA history and is often considered the GOAT. The Canadian has an impressive resume and has battled some of the toughest opponents. However, his UFC record is not perfect; he has two losses. When discussing his loss to Matt Serra in an interview, GSP mentioned that after becoming champion, he was on top of the world and lost focus. He said, “When I became champion…I was too overconfident, I was a newcomer on the block. Everyone was telling me how good I was.” He further added, “I respect Matt Serra, but I didn’t think I was scared enough and before every fight I couldn’t sleep and Matt Serra was the only fight I slept like a baby. I slept like a child and I got knocked out. The fight with Matt Serra taught me that I cannot underestimate anyone.” According to Georges St-Pierre, he was not afraid of the fight with Serra, unlike his other fights, which was not a good sign, and he paid the price by being knocked out in the first round. Georges St-Pierre talks about how failure made him a winner GSP (Courtesy photo: Basic Sports) Georges St-Pierre has suffered two losses in his UFC career, and those losses have taught him a lot. GSP’s first loss came against Matt Hughes at UFC 50 when the pair fought for the vacant welterweight championship. After that loss, GSP went on a six-fight win streak and avenged his loss to Hughes to become the new champion. However, his loss to Matt Serra afterwards shocked fans and is considered one of the biggest upsets in MMA history. When discussing his losses in an interview, GSP stated, “The most important fights I’ve been in my career are those two losses,” she said. “Failure is the greatest teacher. When you lose, two things can happen. You can lose the fight and be mentally damaged, and never come back. Or you can get lost and figure out why you got lost. Learn and then not make the same mistake again. You might lose again but you won’t lose for the same reason. You will progress.” GSP valued his losses and did not repeat the same mistakes in his career and strived to leave the sport on top. Continue reading: Colby Covington hilariously predicts Mark Zuckerberg’s Jiu-Jitsu ‘going to the bathroom’ after Elon Musk’s alpha kick The inspiration behind Dana White’s UFC, Bruce Lee reveals SECRET to winning every street fight.

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