T7. Th9 30th, 2023

XEM: Iyo Sky sử dụng 200 IQ thông minh hơn Becky Lynch và Bayley để giành chiến thắng trong trận đấu Women’s Money in the Bank.

Iyo Sky has made a name for herself in the world of professional wrestling by winning the Money in the Bank ladder match through a clever strategy. In the match, Sky managed to deceive Becky Lynch and her stablemate Bayley by handcuffing them together on a staircase. With Lynch and Bayley unable to continue climbing the ladder, Sky climbed over Bayley’s shoulder and grabbed the MITB briefcase. The women’s Money in the Bank match started with all the women targeting their opponents. Bayley and Sky teamed up to attack Zelina Vega, while Trish Stratus and Zoey Stark focused on Becky Lynch. Throughout the match, Sky executed an incredible moonsault on the other competitors. Vega was also seen recreating Andrade’s position from the 2019 Money in the Bank ladder match. As Trish Stratus prepared to grab the briefcase, Becky Lynch intervened and placed it down. Trish and Becky then recounted their team’s actions as they took down Zelina. Zoey helped Stratus throughout the match by bringing handcuffs to restrain their opponent. However, Lynch rejected that idea as she executed a Manhandle Slam on Stark on the ladder. Instead, Bayley threw a ladder with Sky on it. As a result, she began climbing one side of the ladder with Becky Lynch at the other end. When Lynch was handcuffed by Stark, Iyo stepped in and handcuffed the remaining end to Bayley’s hand. With Bayley and Becky handcuffed and unable to move, Iyo climbed over Bayley and retrieved the briefcase. Iyo Sky’s victory in the Money in the Bank ladder match was a remarkable display of her ingenuity and determination. After her win, she was seen tapping on photos with John Cena making a comeback. His happiness could be seen through the expression on his face. He was elated after his victory and in a photo with Cena. She then took to Twitter to share a picture of her briefcase with a caption expressing her joy, “Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!” The crowd erupted in joy as the beloved star secured the contract, at least in the Women’s ladder match. While they were disappointed with the outcome of the Money in the Bank match with Damian Priest as the winner, they were thrilled to see Sky’s victory. In case you missed it: WATCH: Rhea Ripley heats up London as she flaunts a sexy new look at Money in the Bank 2023 The women’s Money in the Bank ladder match was a great disappointment that you may have missed.

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