T5. Th10 5th, 2023

Xem ngay: Người hâm mộ sốc khi phát hiện chị gái ‘quái vật’ của Shavkat Rakhmonov trước buổi thử giọng Dana White được chờ đợi

Sora Rakhmonova, the talented sister of MMA fighter Shavkat Rakhmonov, is making waves in the world of mixed martial arts. With her impressive fighting skills and precise strikes, she is quickly rising to the top of the flyweight division. Following her recent victory against Valeria Karygina, Rakhmonova has earned a spot in the Dana White Contender Series (DWCS), where she will face Ernesta Kareckaite in September. Both fighters are determined to prove their worth and secure a UFC contract. Rakhmonova aims to make her brother proud with an impressive win, while Kareckaite has showcased her endurance and incredible skills in previous bouts. This highly anticipated fight promises to be a thrilling showdown. Stay tuned for more updates on these rising MMA stars.

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