T5. Th10 5th, 2023

XEM: Seth Rollins thưởng thức ẩm thực Anh và Mỹ, cùng so sánh và xếp hạng hài hước

Seth Rollins, the reigning heavyweight champion, is ready to defend his title against Finn Balor at Money in the Bank this weekend. Rollins recently made an appearance on LADbible’s YouTube channel, where he indulged in a taste test of American and British cuisine. The 37-year-old wrestler sampled various dishes, including PB&J, Anchovy paste, Starbucks, Cadbury chocolate bars, and more. He ranked each food item based on his preferences, and in the end, American cuisine came out on top with a score of 3 to 2. Rollins also revealed his love for visiting the UK and has been doing so for over two decades. This activity was part of LADbible’s Snack Wars series, which has featured other famous personalities like Steve Carell, Tom Holland, and Margot Robbie. WWE CCO Triple H also joined the program and tried different foods. Fans were treated to these entertaining segments. At Money in the Bank, Rollins will defend his title against Finn Balor, revisiting their rivalry since 2016 when they fought for the Universal Championship at SummerSlam. Balor emerged victorious but had to relinquish the title the next day due to a shoulder injury. Rumors suggest that Rollins will continue his reign as champion after Money in the Bank, and the winner of the men’s ladder match could potentially cash in on Rollins. LA Knight is a popular candidate to win the contract, making him a potential future opponent for Rollins. Meanwhile, the competition between Rollins and Balor is expected to continue leading up to SummerSlam. Fans are eagerly anticipating how this event will unfold at Money in the Bank and in the subsequent shows. In case you missed it: WATCH: Seth Rollins attacks Rhea Ripley and punishes her with his own tactics Seth Rollins, a four-time world champion, has been an inspiration for many as he stepped into the ring and met his wife through WWE.

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