T7. Th9 23rd, 2023

XEM: Stefanos Tsitsipas ghi dấu mối quan hệ THỰC SỰ YÊU THƯƠNG của anh và Paula Badosa trong một cuộc phỏng vấn sau trận đấu

Stefanos Tsitsipas and Paula Badosa have been making headlines with their relationship, and their presence at a grass-court exhibition event before Wimbledon has only added fuel to the fire. Tsitsipas emerged victorious in his match against Alexander Davidovich Fokina, but it was his post-match interview that caught everyone’s attention. When asked if Badosa was there to watch the match, Tsitsipas jokingly replied, “No, she dumped me.” He went on to confirm that their relationship is indeed a “true love.” This interview was shared on Twitter, and Badosa responded with a heart emoji, confirming their love. Despite facing criticism for their public display of affection, Tsitsipas and Badosa remain unfazed and continue to support and inspire each other in their respective careers.

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